Tuesday, June 26, 2007

KLM 747 Landing in St Maarten

This beach has got to be an apsolute rush to be on! This is another post with a different video of the KLM Boing 747. This video is much clearer.

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

American General Knowlege?

A video on American General knowlege. When given a world map and asked to point out Korea, the average "Joe" in the street pointed to Australia, and one person mentioned now that he looked at "Korea" on the map - it was way bigger than he thought! Real funny, but real disturbing at the same time! Check it out!

American Idiot?

I could not resist posting this video here. This is really funny stuff, but when you come to think of it... really disturbing! The average person in the street has no general knowlege at all! Scary!

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

South African Springbok Rugby World CUP Disappointment

Radical {Racial} changes are set to sweep through South African rugby
following the World Cup in France later this year.

According to a report in the Saturday Star newspaper, the first
Springbok team of 2008 will consist of at least 10 black and coloured

National coach Jake White will also be replaced by the country's first
black Springbok coach -- Peter de Villiers -- and the side is set to be
captained by Luke Watson. Rugby bosses in South Africa are unhappy with
the slow rate of transformation and, according to the paper, believe the
only way to "Africanise" a sport which has been dominated by the
minority white population for over 100 years is to take radical steps.

"I have no problem with the transformation requirements," De Villiers
told the paper.

"My record at under-19, under-21 and provincial level speaks for itself.
Other coaches pick black players in their squad, but don't play them.
That's where I am different. I pick the players and play them," said De

He added he would meet the requirements of 10 black players in a
Springbok team. "There will be pain [in the results] but it is something
we must go through to transform the team. It would be an honour for me
to coach the Boks," he was quoted as saying.

- Mail & Guardian

Ok, now for my personal view and feelings on the whole matter...
First off... MY BLOOD IS BOILING!!!!
Secondly... when the hell did playing rugby become a black or white
When did rugby become an affirmative action racial bullshit story?
When did rugby become some political crap!
Playing rugby is about using the best bloody players you have, not oooh
shit we have too few black or white guys on the team!
You know what? Rugby is a game that I have enjoyed watching over the
years when it comes to the Super 14, Tri Nations and the World Cup. It's
a game you can watch were all the problems in the world disappear from
your mind. Everyone enjoys themselves irrespective of which team you
support or the colour of you skin. Well I take my hat off to the people
responsible for this fucking bullshit... you have just fucked it up for
THANK YOU VERY MUCH!!! Thanks for turning the "bokke" into a political
racial game. Now I feel like throwing up instead of enjoying the game!

It again goes to show how politics has once again ruled supreme with
fucking up something special in the world. It is with these sad words I
say farewell to the famous Springbok team. You guys rocked! I don't
think I will be supporting the next season - I hate politics!

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