Tuesday, June 26, 2007

KLM 747 Landing in St Maarten

This beach has got to be an apsolute rush to be on! This is another post with a different video of the KLM Boing 747. This video is much clearer.

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

American General Knowlege?

A video on American General knowlege. When given a world map and asked to point out Korea, the average "Joe" in the street pointed to Australia, and one person mentioned now that he looked at "Korea" on the map - it was way bigger than he thought! Real funny, but real disturbing at the same time! Check it out!

American Idiot?

I could not resist posting this video here. This is really funny stuff, but when you come to think of it... really disturbing! The average person in the street has no general knowlege at all! Scary!

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

South African Springbok Rugby World CUP Disappointment

Radical {Racial} changes are set to sweep through South African rugby
following the World Cup in France later this year.

According to a report in the Saturday Star newspaper, the first
Springbok team of 2008 will consist of at least 10 black and coloured

National coach Jake White will also be replaced by the country's first
black Springbok coach -- Peter de Villiers -- and the side is set to be
captained by Luke Watson. Rugby bosses in South Africa are unhappy with
the slow rate of transformation and, according to the paper, believe the
only way to "Africanise" a sport which has been dominated by the
minority white population for over 100 years is to take radical steps.

"I have no problem with the transformation requirements," De Villiers
told the paper.

"My record at under-19, under-21 and provincial level speaks for itself.
Other coaches pick black players in their squad, but don't play them.
That's where I am different. I pick the players and play them," said De

He added he would meet the requirements of 10 black players in a
Springbok team. "There will be pain [in the results] but it is something
we must go through to transform the team. It would be an honour for me
to coach the Boks," he was quoted as saying.

- Mail & Guardian

Ok, now for my personal view and feelings on the whole matter...
First off... MY BLOOD IS BOILING!!!!
Secondly... when the hell did playing rugby become a black or white
When did rugby become an affirmative action racial bullshit story?
When did rugby become some political crap!
Playing rugby is about using the best bloody players you have, not oooh
shit we have too few black or white guys on the team!
You know what? Rugby is a game that I have enjoyed watching over the
years when it comes to the Super 14, Tri Nations and the World Cup. It's
a game you can watch were all the problems in the world disappear from
your mind. Everyone enjoys themselves irrespective of which team you
support or the colour of you skin. Well I take my hat off to the people
responsible for this fucking bullshit... you have just fucked it up for
THANK YOU VERY MUCH!!! Thanks for turning the "bokke" into a political
racial game. Now I feel like throwing up instead of enjoying the game!

It again goes to show how politics has once again ruled supreme with
fucking up something special in the world. It is with these sad words I
say farewell to the famous Springbok team. You guys rocked! I don't
think I will be supporting the next season - I hate politics!

Feel free to comment!

Monday, February 26, 2007

Mama Jackey Angel of Soweto

Mama Jackey, aka the Angel of Soweto, keeps falling further and further from grace. This week she made headline news again when she was arrested for the kidnapping and assault of a Sowetan journalist. Carte Blanche brought us the exclusive exposé of Mama Jackey’s house of cards in November, and this week brought us the latest developments.

The fact that there are foreign institutes and people who are willing to help financially in Africa, in this case the "Angel of Soweto" in South Africa is really needed in some cases to make a difference. I have heard that Opera Winfrey and the NBA supported Mama Jackey financially for her goodness and love.
However, when shit like this comes to light I really get ticked off big time! Here we are again... AFRICA! It just does not seem to work for most black people in Africa. It seems money breeds corruption in Africa. I really feel for Opera Winfrey, the NBA and anyone else out there who tried to support a good cause in Africa. Unfortunately it turned to corruption and violence. How extremely embarrassing for them!
Now when a cry goes out for help, from Africa, people would think twice about helping, thanks to Mama Jackey. This is not only an embarrassment to the people who helped support a good cause, but also an embarrassment to South Africa!

Please note: The first paragraph above is an insert from the Carte Blanche Website.

Thursday, February 22, 2007

Prince Harry's Death Sentence?

What a story this is going to be! I am sure the insurgents will try to
target him. We will just have to wait and see. Question... if Prince
Harry is held to ransom, what would England do? Would they comply or let
him die?

Prince Harry going to Iraq?

The Big Question! Is Prince Harry going to Iraq? There is talk that if he goes, he will land up in Basra, southern Iraq!
Now the first thing that comes to mind - would he become a high priority target? News like this travels fast and is probably already in Iraq. I certainly would not like to be in his shoes, he a walking talking target. Just imagine the commotion, if he gets abducted and gets his head chopped off! Maybe they should make him ware a disguise or something - his face is quite unmistakable, he looks like a kid. Then again he is only 22 years old... what a crappy situation.

Friday, February 16, 2007

Investing in the Year of the Golden Pig

Crazy as it may seem, but Asian women are trying to get pregnant during
this year (Year of the Golden Pig). The year of the "Golden Pig" is
supposed to bring wealth and riches! So can that actually happen? Well
the answer is, yes it can! All you have to do is a little thinking.
Think about sales related to baby stuff. A baby boom means a boom in
baby products in the market, so you might want to invest for a while in
baby food, diapers, baby cloths and baby toys. Sales are already been
reported to be climbing in these categories. According to a report,
condom sales are down (need I explain). Now you could follow the yearly
trend as these babies grow up. Invest in what their parents would be
buying their children as they grow up.
So, have a look at what's hot in the Asian markets.

Thursday, February 15, 2007

Windows Vista a disaster?

I was having a look at an article which compares Windows XP to Windows
Vista, and was absolutely appalled by the results. In fact it was so
appalling; I began to giggle at first and then began to laugh out loud,
shaking my head from side to side!
I just could not believe what I was reading!
Whoa I thought when I read the term " SuperFetch" and "ReadyBoost" until
I read what they do... oh and get this... you have to train up the
"SuperFetch" to get used to what you do with the PC. Sounds all super
until you find out how it works. "SuperFetch" loads your most used
applications into memory (yea an...), "ReadyBoost" uses memory not in
use by USB devices (Flash memory), (whaaaat!...). In almost all the
benchmark graphs XP out performs Vista. Oh... your anti-virus,
anti-spyware and firewall software is said not to load with Vista unless
the software is "Vista Ready" (WHAT!)
There are about 4 games guaranteed to work withy Vista! (WooHoo!)
Mmm... why would anyone want to by Microsoft Vista?
Is this going to be a white horse for Microsoft?

Read the complete Vista XP Review and decide for yourself.

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

FBI laptops come with weapons

Ok, check out this snippet from the CNN Website:

"The FBI lost at least 10 laptop computers containing classified
information during a four-year period ending in 2005, the Justice
Department's inspector general has found.
The 10 were among the 160 laptops lost or stolen during a 44-month
period ending September 30, 2005, Inspector General Glenn Fine reported.
An equal number of weapons also went missing.
The report said the number of missing items, while still a problem,
represents a sharp improvement over a 2002 audit, which found more than
300 laptops and 300 weapons lost or stolen during the previous 28-month
Fine said that among the 10 missing laptops known to contain sensitive
or classified information was one that had identifying information on
FBI personnel."

160 Laptops over a 44-month period gives you 3.6 laptops a month!
300 Laptops over the previous 28 month period - 10.7 laptops a month!
The same amount of weapons also went missing over these periods!
Now how is that for a story? For every laptop missing, so does a weapon.
So the question is, does the FBI leave sensitive laptops and weapons
together unattended?
Next question; how the hell is this possible with all that "Security".
So... is it a handout, inside job or just plain stupidity?

Monday, February 12, 2007

Harry Potter and the September 11 Attacks

With regards to some of the comments from CRIMES AND CORRUPTIONS OF THE NEW WORLD ORDER NEWS stating that there is no conspiracy cover up about the "September 11 attacks" on the US, try this on for size.

Do yourself a favour and go and look at the original footage. You will not see one single seat or suitcase at the Pentagon, or the Pennsylvania site - there is not one identifiable peace of aircraft. Not one. There has never been an air crash in the history of aviation that after impact there is not a single identifiable piece of the aircraft. Take the space shuttle disaster over the USA for example. There were identifiable pieces right across the freekin states. Well that's a first, a disappearing 757! Totally incinerated! Tell you what - hows about this for a test to proof that there was no 757 that crashed into the Pentagon. Get all the news crews out to the Pentagon, evacuate all the people in the Pentagon and clear the area. Get a 757 Jet filled with fuel and fly it into the same location as the "original plane" did into the side of the Pentagon. You will see a totally different scene than on Sept 11. The difference... there would be shit everywhere, and I can promise you this much, there will be identifiable plane parts all over the pentagon - make no mistake about that. Oh... and try checking for aircraft debris and a couple of car crashes at the other side of the Pentagon on the highway that passes along the side of the river. A disappearing plane? Sounds a bit like Harry Potter to me! Wake up and get your head out the ground man!

F22 Raptor

12 US F22 Raptor Fighter Jets were sent to Okinawa Japan, where they will be stationed for 3 months. (Yah right!) Seems to me that the US is pretty nervous (as with almost anything these days) about the nuclear situation in North Korea. Oh let's not forget Iran. Ok make no mistake, I am also nervous of North Korea. More so of North Korea than Iran at this moment in time. Maybe sending the F22 Raptors to Okinawa is a good move in the eyes of the USA, but my concerns are, that this is like prodding a bull terrier in the side - it's going to bite you! Now sticking one bull terrier (Northern Korea) in the side with one hand is silly enough - sticking a second bull terrier in the side (Iran), with the other hand... well - be prepared to be ripped to pieces! "here dogie dogie...!"

Friday, February 09, 2007

William Page - Leaves toddler to freeze to death!

This is just so unimaginable! How can anyone take a little toddler of
almost 2 years old, and leave her outside in freezing temperatures for
the night?!! The poor little toddler wandered around for a while before
dying of hypothermia...! Just try to imagine what this poor innocent
toddler must have been wondering. When police found her, she was totally
frozen! I really hope the authorities are going to hand down a mean
sentence! People like this make me sick! Fu#@ing Oxygen thief! Oh... and
he was charged with sexually abusing second child in house! WTF! This
"so called human thing" should have been behind bars already!

Anna Nicole Smith Murdered?

Ok, so for now Anna Nichole Smith died. Has anyone wondered if she could
have been murdered? Ok so she had symptoms of some sort of flu. Think
about it, these days there are many ways to skin a cat! 5 Months ago her
20 year old son mysteriously dies, when she gives birth to her new baby
daughter. These days it is a little strange if you just fall over and
die. What about that old rich 89 year old she married? She was battling
the inheritance for how long? And we are not talking small change here!
With here life style, obvious greed and hunger for more money (married
89 year old billionaire about to die), it would not surprise me, if
someone wanted "The Smith's" to disappear! Now watch the frenzy as to
what happens, or who gets custody over the baby...

Thursday, February 08, 2007

Dead Blogs!

Scouring the Internet for interesting top blogs with active current
daily traffic, I was horrified to see how much dead wood is out there. I
came across loads of blogs which have not posted in months, others for
years. When checking the archives and profiles I found on average,
that the dead blogs blogged for about 6 months to year and then stop.
What happened to these bloggers? Doing searches with Google brought up
loads of top bloggers which are in fact dead, old and outdated. What a
shame! Some dead blogs looked like they had major potential. So now I
begin to wonder just how much dead wood is out there...

Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Car Accidents

What is it with people these days? Are they just plain stupid? Or maybe
they just have a death wish? About 20 years ago, people respected the
roads, other drivers, adhered to traffic signs and speed limits. Today
it's a different story all together! It is upsetting to know that the
maniac drivers of today, not only land up injuring or killing
themselves, but they also injure and kill innocent well behaved road
users in the process. Now that really pisses me right off! You have a
bloody death wish if you overtake a car on a hilltop. You have no vision
of any oncoming traffic! You are endangering the people's lives in the
car you are overtaking and the people in the car coming from the front!
You should be behind bars or have your driver's license revoked for
life! Oh and for those of you who think driving at top speed is cool...
think again! There is little to zero chance of survival in the event of
a tire blow-out! Most people will loose total control of their car,
possibly killing other people to! Why can't everyone just chill out on
the roads and enjoy their trip? Bad attitude and not adhering to the
rules, put there for your safety on the roads, is like a loaded gun
waiting to kill someone and should be dealt with severely.

So how do you control this then? Car manufactures and law makers should
insist that every vehicle on the road should be fitted with a
transmitter which logs the speed of the vehicle via satellite should it
be above the set speed limit for that section of road or area. This data
and car information (car model, number plate and registered owner)
stored in the transmitter should then be relayed to the nearest traffic
control centre's, in the area. Traffic police can then be alerted to the
perpetrator, who can be pulled off the road and arrested without any
questions! The device should be tamper proof and capable of been
detected by road side police that your vehicle has such a device and
that it is fully functional. If the device is not detected in your car,
your car is illegally on the road! Emergency services on the other hand
will be exempted from such a device or have higher limits when it comes
to speed limit. As simple as that!

Thursday, January 25, 2007

President Bush has lost his marbles

In my personal opinion, I think President Bush has lost his marbles! Not only has he lost his marbles, he has become a very dangerous person, when it comes to world peace. I say this because the decisions he's been making is getting people all over the world pissed off. Invading Iraq which had no weapons of mass destruction in the first place was a total cock up! Now years later Iraq is still in a total mess with suicide bombs going off every blady day in Baghdad! What does President Bush hope to achieve by sending 20 000 more troops there? More like an additional 20 000 targets! Don't get me wrong, I am not anti America or anything like that, but I am anti all the kuk that is going on in today's world as a result of people like President Bush and all the rest. People in charge of things, should be solving problems, not escalating them. Oh, by the way... why has the Bush administration not intervened in Zimbabwe? Why? Because there is nothing of interest (like oil) there. That's why! In the mean time President Robert Mugabe has been allowed to rape his country and people for everything they had. It seems to me that politicians are one of the major problems in the world today. What amazes me every time is all the promises politisians make to their people. Then when the new (or maybe not so new) president / leader is sworn in, all the promises made fall by the way side and all that happens is you have another wanker who thinks he is better than God, shit's gold, causes kuk in his / her own country or any other one for that matter, line their pockets with what ever the hell he / she feels like, even if it is coruption. Oh and let's not get into all the lies, coverups and all the spy vs spy cloak and dagger crap! One would swear these kinds of people had a very hard time growing up with little or no toys to play with!