Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Forums which pay members for posts!

I belong to a forum (MyLot) which pays it's members for making and commenting on posts made by all it's members (don't give up your day job though). I did not realise this when I joined up though and only found out a bit later on. They pay you out when your credit reaches a certain limit via PayPal or ikobo. It does work and you do get paid, I received my ikobo card via Fedex. This card can be used in any VISA ATM or speed point for the purchase of goods.

Now here is the interesting part. You will be asking yourself how does a forum manage to pay all it's members? Well the concept is pretty simple. MyLot has Google Adsense ads all over the forum. So... visitors and members click on the Google Adsense ads which earns the forum money. Out of that money they pay their members (like me). They currently have over 8000 members and climbing all the time. Pretty clever!

Ok so this got me thinking a bit. MyLot depends on people clicking on the ads, all well and fine. In my expereince on the MyLot forum, I think I clicked on one ad over a time span of 2 months! I also noticed that I was pretty blind to the ads even if they were about the subject! Now if I was pretty blind to the ads, how many other members are also blind to them? I even saw posts where a discussion was about say "employment". To the right of that discussion were ads about employment and no one seem to notice or mention them! I seem to remember a post which actually mentioned the ads, but only to find out how many people actually clicked on them. I think most of the replies were "not clicking on the ads - here for the forum" sort of thing.

So my question is how long will these forums last? Time will tell.


kirkette said...

hi again,
I just discovered mylot a few days ago and have 7 points. It runs to slow, for me at least. I may return but I also found myself wondering if I have enough time to get paid, meaning, will they last long enough for ME to get paid. See ya around.

kirkette said...

hi again, I'm on myLot too and found myself wondering the same thing. I only have 7 pts. (only worked on it about half an hour) and wonder if I have the energy to reach payout before they shut down. It seems like it may be more attractive to people in other countries as it seems they are the majority of posters. I think if they want this to work in America they should raise the point level a little.

srinath said...

well u missed out some points like
u should have a min of 10$ to get paid.. and the reference's point etc

BlueFox said...

Well to be quite honest, I think MyLot is an apsolute waste of precious time. People type away in the forums for days at a time for a couple of bucks! Imagine how much more they would of made if they spent that amount of time and dedication to changing their life, starting a business or getting a job!