Friday, April 18, 2008

Global Warming Tailspin

Global warming is a very real thing. Everyone is aware of it save for
the sceptics.
The worst reality of global warming besides the fact that it is real
is the fact that there is no way to curb it in any way, unless we
lower world population. Al Gore's "An Inconvenient Truth" is very real
accurate and filled with undeniable truth. Some governments and
countries save America of course, are trying feebly to lower emissions
with energy saving bulbs, hybrid cars and wind driven turbines
Sadly however this is doing very little to curb global warming. Every
day there are more and more people on this planet. Our global
population is growing faster than you can imagine. With more people
comes more demand on the planet. The basic demands are food, water and
shelter. However in today's high tech world, our demands are hugely
higher. Everyone wants more and more, be it a house with electricity,
cars, televisions, cell phones, boats, planes and businesses. The
creation of all these modern day wonders demands huge amounts of
resources and energy, energy which results in generating heat warming
up the planet and resources which are slowly, but surely running out
at alarming rates.

Businesses mean economy and wealth. Wealth means more buying power
which means more products. More products, means more demand. More
demand means more energy and more resources. And so the viscous circle
is born.

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