Thursday, January 15, 2009

'There's a tapeworm in my food!'

Saw this on news24, just disgusting!
Stellenbosch - A Somerset West policeman says he had eaten half a tapeworm in his pork dish when he saw the rest of it lying on his plate at a Gordon's Bay restaurant.

Inspector Hennie Smit ordered eisbein - a traditional pork dish - while dining with his wife at the Sunset Bay Spur in Gordon's Bay last Thursday. Halfway through the meal, he saw 7cm long segments of the tapeworm lying on his plate.

Smit told on Wednesday how a piece of the remaining tapeworm was still stuck to the meat.

"At first I thought it was a sinew but then I saw the flat segments and realised it was a tapeworm."

Without saying a word to his wife, he got up and rushed to the restaurant's toilets.

"I spat out the food I was still chewing into the toilet, and then went to reception to report it," said Smit.


The woman told him that it was apparently not the first time that something like this had happened.

The manager on duty that day apologised, and suggested he order something else.

"The man didn't even look shocked when I informed him about the worm. I then ordered a piece of steak and two double whiskeys to get rid of the feeling."

But he had to pay for the rest of the drinks and the food.

A manager at this Spur said on Wednesday that neither he nor the staff were aware of the incident. He didn't want to comment

"We were regulars at the Spur, but I will never go to a Spur again," said Smit.

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