Thursday, January 25, 2007

President Bush has lost his marbles

In my personal opinion, I think President Bush has lost his marbles! Not only has he lost his marbles, he has become a very dangerous person, when it comes to world peace. I say this because the decisions he's been making is getting people all over the world pissed off. Invading Iraq which had no weapons of mass destruction in the first place was a total cock up! Now years later Iraq is still in a total mess with suicide bombs going off every blady day in Baghdad! What does President Bush hope to achieve by sending 20 000 more troops there? More like an additional 20 000 targets! Don't get me wrong, I am not anti America or anything like that, but I am anti all the kuk that is going on in today's world as a result of people like President Bush and all the rest. People in charge of things, should be solving problems, not escalating them. Oh, by the way... why has the Bush administration not intervened in Zimbabwe? Why? Because there is nothing of interest (like oil) there. That's why! In the mean time President Robert Mugabe has been allowed to rape his country and people for everything they had. It seems to me that politicians are one of the major problems in the world today. What amazes me every time is all the promises politisians make to their people. Then when the new (or maybe not so new) president / leader is sworn in, all the promises made fall by the way side and all that happens is you have another wanker who thinks he is better than God, shit's gold, causes kuk in his / her own country or any other one for that matter, line their pockets with what ever the hell he / she feels like, even if it is coruption. Oh and let's not get into all the lies, coverups and all the spy vs spy cloak and dagger crap! One would swear these kinds of people had a very hard time growing up with little or no toys to play with!

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