Friday, February 09, 2007

Anna Nicole Smith Murdered?

Ok, so for now Anna Nichole Smith died. Has anyone wondered if she could
have been murdered? Ok so she had symptoms of some sort of flu. Think
about it, these days there are many ways to skin a cat! 5 Months ago her
20 year old son mysteriously dies, when she gives birth to her new baby
daughter. These days it is a little strange if you just fall over and
die. What about that old rich 89 year old she married? She was battling
the inheritance for how long? And we are not talking small change here!
With here life style, obvious greed and hunger for more money (married
89 year old billionaire about to die), it would not surprise me, if
someone wanted "The Smith's" to disappear! Now watch the frenzy as to
what happens, or who gets custody over the baby...

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