Friday, February 16, 2007

Investing in the Year of the Golden Pig

Crazy as it may seem, but Asian women are trying to get pregnant during
this year (Year of the Golden Pig). The year of the "Golden Pig" is
supposed to bring wealth and riches! So can that actually happen? Well
the answer is, yes it can! All you have to do is a little thinking.
Think about sales related to baby stuff. A baby boom means a boom in
baby products in the market, so you might want to invest for a while in
baby food, diapers, baby cloths and baby toys. Sales are already been
reported to be climbing in these categories. According to a report,
condom sales are down (need I explain). Now you could follow the yearly
trend as these babies grow up. Invest in what their parents would be
buying their children as they grow up.
So, have a look at what's hot in the Asian markets.

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