Monday, February 12, 2007

Harry Potter and the September 11 Attacks

With regards to some of the comments from CRIMES AND CORRUPTIONS OF THE NEW WORLD ORDER NEWS stating that there is no conspiracy cover up about the "September 11 attacks" on the US, try this on for size.

Do yourself a favour and go and look at the original footage. You will not see one single seat or suitcase at the Pentagon, or the Pennsylvania site - there is not one identifiable peace of aircraft. Not one. There has never been an air crash in the history of aviation that after impact there is not a single identifiable piece of the aircraft. Take the space shuttle disaster over the USA for example. There were identifiable pieces right across the freekin states. Well that's a first, a disappearing 757! Totally incinerated! Tell you what - hows about this for a test to proof that there was no 757 that crashed into the Pentagon. Get all the news crews out to the Pentagon, evacuate all the people in the Pentagon and clear the area. Get a 757 Jet filled with fuel and fly it into the same location as the "original plane" did into the side of the Pentagon. You will see a totally different scene than on Sept 11. The difference... there would be shit everywhere, and I can promise you this much, there will be identifiable plane parts all over the pentagon - make no mistake about that. Oh... and try checking for aircraft debris and a couple of car crashes at the other side of the Pentagon on the highway that passes along the side of the river. A disappearing plane? Sounds a bit like Harry Potter to me! Wake up and get your head out the ground man!

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