Monday, February 12, 2007

F22 Raptor

12 US F22 Raptor Fighter Jets were sent to Okinawa Japan, where they will be stationed for 3 months. (Yah right!) Seems to me that the US is pretty nervous (as with almost anything these days) about the nuclear situation in North Korea. Oh let's not forget Iran. Ok make no mistake, I am also nervous of North Korea. More so of North Korea than Iran at this moment in time. Maybe sending the F22 Raptors to Okinawa is a good move in the eyes of the USA, but my concerns are, that this is like prodding a bull terrier in the side - it's going to bite you! Now sticking one bull terrier (Northern Korea) in the side with one hand is silly enough - sticking a second bull terrier in the side (Iran), with the other hand... well - be prepared to be ripped to pieces! "here dogie dogie...!"

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