Monday, February 26, 2007

Mama Jackey Angel of Soweto

Mama Jackey, aka the Angel of Soweto, keeps falling further and further from grace. This week she made headline news again when she was arrested for the kidnapping and assault of a Sowetan journalist. Carte Blanche brought us the exclusive exposé of Mama Jackey’s house of cards in November, and this week brought us the latest developments.

The fact that there are foreign institutes and people who are willing to help financially in Africa, in this case the "Angel of Soweto" in South Africa is really needed in some cases to make a difference. I have heard that Opera Winfrey and the NBA supported Mama Jackey financially for her goodness and love.
However, when shit like this comes to light I really get ticked off big time! Here we are again... AFRICA! It just does not seem to work for most black people in Africa. It seems money breeds corruption in Africa. I really feel for Opera Winfrey, the NBA and anyone else out there who tried to support a good cause in Africa. Unfortunately it turned to corruption and violence. How extremely embarrassing for them!
Now when a cry goes out for help, from Africa, people would think twice about helping, thanks to Mama Jackey. This is not only an embarrassment to the people who helped support a good cause, but also an embarrassment to South Africa!

Please note: The first paragraph above is an insert from the Carte Blanche Website.

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