Tuesday, February 13, 2007

FBI laptops come with weapons

Ok, check out this snippet from the CNN Website:

"The FBI lost at least 10 laptop computers containing classified
information during a four-year period ending in 2005, the Justice
Department's inspector general has found.
The 10 were among the 160 laptops lost or stolen during a 44-month
period ending September 30, 2005, Inspector General Glenn Fine reported.
An equal number of weapons also went missing.
The report said the number of missing items, while still a problem,
represents a sharp improvement over a 2002 audit, which found more than
300 laptops and 300 weapons lost or stolen during the previous 28-month
Fine said that among the 10 missing laptops known to contain sensitive
or classified information was one that had identifying information on
FBI personnel."

160 Laptops over a 44-month period gives you 3.6 laptops a month!
300 Laptops over the previous 28 month period - 10.7 laptops a month!
The same amount of weapons also went missing over these periods!
Now how is that for a story? For every laptop missing, so does a weapon.
So the question is, does the FBI leave sensitive laptops and weapons
together unattended?
Next question; how the hell is this possible with all that "Security".
So... is it a handout, inside job or just plain stupidity?

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